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A website is a must-have for any business to gain clients and leads. Every company’s website displays its projects, expertise, services, and skills. Customers may visit a decent website at any time and from any location. As the top Website designing company in Mohali, we understand your website requirements and provide you with the best solutions, designs, and results for your customized business website.

Our extremely competent developers are well-versed in the most recent technologies and trends. We worked with global corporations to turn well-known concepts into visually appealing and imaginative websites.Our Website designers will produce a spectacular and eye-catching responsive website for your company focusing on the wireframe, UI/UX design, and prototype.You will receive visual design, logo creation, and search engine optimization to help your content rank higher on search engines.

UI/UX Website Design Services

iPhone App Development

The IOS platform is one of the most recognised and widely used app platforms available. Creating an app for your business on IOS ensures you have access to the largest market and the technology you need to make an excellent app. 

Iphone app development services help you to design and launch an effective app for your business from scratch. All you need are a few basic ideas about what you want and our professionals do the rest. Don’t settle for anything less. 

If you need an IOS app that’s modern and user friendly, as well as integrated seamlessly with your website and business model, hire a mobile application developer who can design and launch the app, then support it going forward. 

UI/UX Website Design Services

Enterprise Level Apps

Not all apps you develop for your business will be B2C apps. You will also require some enterprise level apps to operate your business efficiently at management level. These days in house apps are increasingly popular technology.

Many businesses operate their management infrastructure using tablets. Tablets are convenient, functional, and secure  but tablets are also mobile technology that requires specialist app developers to produce industry standard apps for everyday use.

When you hire a mobile application developer you ensure that the app you develop for your business is secure and optimized for your business practices. Don’t leave this vital function to chance.

iPhone m-commerce Apps

M-commerce is a growing medium for many businesses and an extension of e-Commerce that has proved so successful on websites. Instead of guiding your customers seamlessly through the online sales funnel, it can be done more conveniently on mobile. 

By introducing M-commerce to your business model you provide faithful customers with a simple and efficient way to interact with your business on the go and make purchases. With around 3.5 billion people globally now using mobile technology it’s an opportunity not to be missed. 

Partner with an IOS developer to help you design and implement an M-commerce approach for your business. This app can be a unique selling point and flagship feature when promoting your products and services. 

Technology Expertise of
iPhone Developers

The IOS platform is one of the most recognised and widely used app platforms available. Creating an app for your business on IOS ensures you have access to the largest market and the technology you need to make an excellent app. Iphone app development services help you to design and launch an effective app for your business from scratch.

• iOS Kit (SDK)

• MapKit

• Xcode IDE

• Accelerometer

• Cocoa Framework ? Objective C / Swift

• Memory Management

• OpenGL ES & Unity 3D

• AV Foundation Framework

• Autolayout Engine

• OpenGL ES & Unity 3D

• AFNetworking

• Core Location

• UIKitDynamics

• Node JS socket

• XCTes

• Core Graphics

• XCUITest

Custom Ipad App Development

These days people use a variety of devices for their Internet access; they use iPhone, iPads, laptops, and desktops, not to mention watches. This means your app development needs to be compatible with a range of devices to be effective. 

If you create an excellent IOS app for your business it doesn’t mean it will automatically work on both iPhone and iPads. To work on tablets you will need a different UX and alternative set of technical requirements from an Iphone. 

When you hire an IOS developer you sidestep the common problems of compatibility when creating a new app. These issues can slow down the process and waste time and money. A dedicated IOS developer is worth the investment. 

Ghrix Technologies

Apps for Apple Watch

An IOS app developer can also help you create a functional app for the Apple watch. Many people forget about this innovative technology, but that’s only those who don’t use one. For those who do it’s essential to have your favorite apps on Apple watch. 

As with IPad apps for Apple Watch must be specially designed using technical knowledge to work effectively. When you have an Apple watch app your customers can benefit from messages, streaming, and updates, at any time. 

Work with a dedicated IOS app developer to design an app for Apple watch that best meets your company’s requirements. You will want one that complements your other platforms and functions to a high standard. This can only be achieved by working with a specialist. 

Ghrix Technologies

Iphone/IPad AR Apps

For some time now smartphones have been much more than phone technology. They have become miniature PCs and gaming devices. Today, everything can be done in a smartphone from business interactions to entertainment. 

If you want to engage a section of your customer base using entertainment, and attract new customers as well, through interesting and innovative ideas, you need an AR app for IOS platforms. These gaming apps engage your customers and promote your brands and products. 

Working with an IOS app developer goes further than designing and implementing effective apps for business purposes. These developers help you create fun and interesting AR games that put your business and it’s services into the minds and hearts of game players. 

Ghrix Technologies

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