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The correct ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning )software is critical for putting your company on the right track for success, but the services provided are the major difference in obtaining a complete solution that would make the business changes you require a reality. Training and ongoing education are crucial components of effectively installing a new ERP solution and reaping the full advantages in the long run.

Users that have been properly taught are productive, motivated, and frequently discover new methods and save time and enhance corporate operations. Ghrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. develops ERP software for every function inside the business to ensure that everyone is working as a cohesive team. Our Customer Service team is relevant and well in the product as well as your industry.

Advantages of an ERP software

  • Complete command of service initiatives and resources
  • Complete oversight of the project’s growth and web development
  • Project accounting that is adaptable and includes integrated quotation generation
  • The project structure plan is very customizable.
  • Meticulous planning and scheduling
  • Budgeting for anticipated costs and revenues

What do we provide you?

Ghrix Technologies Pvt Ltd offers you high-quality planning, end-to-end transparency, and a variety of scheduling choices for your service projects. Pre-configured project template, a variety of copying features, and a clear, straightforward user interface assist you in implementing your projects as efficiently as possible, beginning with the planning phase. The integrated hierarchy project structure keeps you up to date on the required services, work products, material and transportation expenses, and any other connected charges. Using combined pre-costing and contemporaneous project costing, you always have pricing, margins, and budget at your fingertips.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Our ERP Software Services include

Implementation of ERP
Deploy and configure bespoke networks, servers, privacy, & data management solutions across your whole enterprise while ensuring data integrity.
Customized ERP Solutions

We provide scalable, enterprise-wide ERP solutions that automate crucial processes and give vital data insights over on, mobile-app, and web-based systems.

ERP Migration Service
Migrate historical data, integrate raw data silos, modernize data infrastructure, and seamlessly integrate systems to maintain data integrity.

What features should your ERP software have?

The Services Industry has a unique combination of issues in terms of resource planning, including driving expansion while remaining profitable, managing severe competition, and dealing with macro challenges peculiar to the person and project-centric services industry. Companies must foresee and followed the analysis in real-time as professional services advance up the value chain. To achieve cost efficiencies, new revenue generation, and to take another step on the path to becoming a truly global company while maintaining a unique offering, your Enterprise Resource Planning system must be appropriate to the needs of the Services Industry in general, while also differentiating itself with distinct value-added propositions that aid in successful customer retention and faster turn-around time in servicing their requirements.
  • Avoid income leakage caused by incompatible payroll systems.
  • Manage different currencies, nations, and projects in a single global unified system.
  • A powerful billing engine that can handle a wide range of invoicing methods.
  • Invoice accuracy and real-time revenue recognition.
  • Anomaly detection that is intelligent, with auto-alerts and notifications.
  • Onboarding in bulk, timesheet processing, approvals, and invoicing.

Why should you select us?

  • The prices are reasonable.
  • Services that are personalized.
  • Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a
  • A client-centered approach
  • Professional aid is available.
Enterprise Resource Planning

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