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Mobile marketing

The use of mobile devices continues to outnumber that of desktops and laptops. To be relevant, your organization must go where your customers are going. We can assist you in developing a mobile marketing plan that works across all devices.

We focus on innovative strategies to boost consumer interaction, impact purchasing behaviors, and simplify a purchase via a mobile device as part of our digital marketing services. We personalize our mobile marketing strategies based on information such as a person’s online surfing history, purchasing patterns, or geographic location. In-app advertising, we feel, provides marketers with a greater opportunity to reach the correct demographic. In- mobile app advertising outperforms other media because it captures the intended consumer’s attention while also encouraging him/her to participate without being intrusive.

Mobile Marketing

What we do

  • Mobile-First Design
  • Advanced Targeting
  • SMS Campaigns
  • Mobile Ads

Why you need Mobile Marketing

Marketers and organizations are witnessing a significant shift in how consumers use the Internet. It has been clearly seen that individuals are shifting from desktops to mobile devices to search for questions. Our mobile marketing techniques include advertising on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Because mobile devices outnumber tv sets by nearly a factor of three, the odds of a potential client seeing an advertisement on mobile are higher than for any other kind of web advertising.

Mobile advertising and application promotion services have gone a long way and are now an essential component of the marketing mix for various firms. Advertisements in the form of text advertisements via SMS marketing or banners that appear integrated into downloaded applications, mobile websites, or mobile games are examples of mobile marketing tactics. Mobile shopping and m-commerce have expanded dramatically as a result of mobile advertising and the most recent mobile app marketing methods.

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Values you’ll get

Data-Driven Connections
We employ smart insights to help you to achieve and then deepen connections with customers, giving time-sensitive information when they are looking for it.
We use platforms that only charge us when a digital ad impression results in an in-store visit. This guarantees a return on investment.
Brand Everywhere

Or on their wrists, so you can easily integrate into their lifestyles and digital activity. Users prefer this type of interaction, and the data becomes more real and credible as a result.

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Mobile Marketing Benchmarks and Insights

Knowing the difference between both the iOS and Android app share of the market isn’t enough. In-depth knowledge of the mobile sector is critical to the success of your app. We’ll make every effort to keep you up to speed on the mobile developments that are most important to you.

Understanding What Works

We know what performs best in each vertical after A/B testing dozens of features and hundreds of mobile ads.

Measurement and Execution Assistance

We assist our clients in defining and measuring the appropriate KPIs for each part of their mobile activities. Whatever you require to succeed, we have it covered.

Preparation for Venture Capital/VC | Mobile Marketing

After determining product-market fit, the extra money will most likely be required to achieve application viral marketing. To that aim, Ghrix Technologies builds a dynamic pitch deck with great images that explain the vitality of such an app and distributes it to our VC contacts.

Why should you select us?

  • The prices are reasonable.
  • Services that are personalized.
  • Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a
  • A client-centered approach
  • Professional aid is available.

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