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Wire Framing and prototypes

Wire Framing is a method of designing a new website on a structural level. A wireframe is widely used to arrange features and functionalities on a website while taking user wants and user journeys into consideration. Before visual design and content are included, wireframes are used to build the fundamental framework of a page early in the design process.

Our team at Ghrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. builds Wire Framing and prototypes utilising tools and processes that enable for rapid iteration cycles. It implies that we quickly ui/ux design and evaluate wireframes to confirm the direction before delving into the specifics, which takes time and effort. Engagement with users and customers is our preferred method of doing this. We assist businesses in navigating all aspects of the Wireframe Design Solutions, online architecture, aiding with wire-framing and dynamic prototyping, and designing interactions that provide measurable business benefits

wire-framing and dynamic prototyping

Wire Framing is a method of designing a new website on a structural level.
A wireframe is widely used to arrange features and functionalities on a website while
taking user wants and user journeys into consideration.

Why Wire Framing are important?

  • Wire Framing contribute in iterative design processes.
  • Wireframes place usability at the forefront of the design process.
  • Wireframes are visual representations of site architecture.
  • Scalability and simplicity of updating are addressed with wireframes.
  • The use of wireframes allows for the explanation of website functionality.

Services for Interactive Prototyping

All online platform requires design. We build prototypes and wireframes at various quality levels to guarantee that we are providing you with the top – notch platform that values your clients and provides them with the service they desire. Importantly, we create from the scratch

Strategy for Digital Marketing

Do you want to increase the exposure of your website? Do you want to strengthen your marketing strategy? With a tried-and-true digital approach, our professionals can assist you in achieving dazzling outcomes. We frequently assist our customers in streamlining their present mobile marketing approach.


Design of User Interfaces and Interactions

We understand how critical it is to communicate your message to your target audience in an interesting manner! As a result, we offer our clients expert help via our UI Wireframes and interaction Ui Wireframe Design Service. When it comes to interface design, we choose an illustrative strategy

Services for Website Wire Framing Design

Your business website is a valuable asset to you, as it is to us! To make your investment worthwhile, we provide you with a variety of wireframes throughout the first stages of your website design to ensure it meets your company objectives and the brand you are delivering online.

Wire Framing Design for a Landing Page

Do you want to increase the amount of visits to your website? Our experts are here to assist you! We can assist you in creating compelling wireframes for a landing page, PPC campaign, or opt-in forms. Our brilliant minds know well how experiment with things to create internet miracles for your company.
Wire Framing

Consulting Services for User Experience

If you believe your website is not properly communicating your message. Do you want to increase customer engagement with your website? When it comes to enhancing the customer experience of your website, we know how to get the job done correctly

What we are providing?

  • Quality Inspection
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Quick Service and Support
  • Minimal cost
  • Experienced Team
  • Exceptional user interface

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